Let Life Work for You

A Journey towards MORE Joy, Freedom & Growth

A subtle, but powerful program that empower you as you rediscover the joyful being you really are; develop a better relationship with Yourself for true guidance; and allow well-being to flow to you and through you. In other words, you learn how to tune in to your guidance and ‘feel’ your way to well-being and happiness.


Offered in 8 segments of 200 minutes each week, the program combines concepts, fun processes, meditations, visualizations, as well as understanding and experiencing the powerful Laws of the Universe – the Law of Attraction, the Law of Deliberate Creation and the Law of Allowing – based on the Teachings of Abraham-Hicks®


With practice you begin to enhance your creativity and intuition; increase self-worth, release resistance and improve your point of attraction. As you learn to let go, trust and allow, you begin to experience a powerful unfolding of events and experiences, all of which is evidence that you are Letting Life work for you.


- Understanding the powerful Laws of the Universe

- Learning how to deliberately live a meaningful life
- Discovering who-you-really-are
- Tuning in to your emotional guidance system
- Finding clarity through contrast 
Experiencing the power to be do or have whatever you desire
- Understanding and practicing the art of allowing

The pre-requisite to join this program is completion of A Better Life.



Monthly Program

Our monthly program is about the Art of Allowing.  It’s called an art because it really does take practice and consistency to change dominant vibrations (patterns) relative to different subjects. As the group comes together each month with the shared intention of learning, sharing and supporting each other, the result is fun, growth, expansion and becoming more allowing of oneself and of others.  Each month, through your powerful asking, we choose a subject to focus our energies on, find clarity, and practice the art of allowing.   What unfolds is leading edge stuff. It’s magical and inspiring leaving each one with a new perspective and a deeper awareness of self and life.  

The pre-requisite to participate in the monthly program is completion of Let Life Work for You.


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